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Follow these simple steps for inclusion in the International Hunting Directory:

  1. Place the International Hunting Directory MEMBER button somewhere on your home page or one of the banners on a page within your site (The banner must be constantly visible on a static page within your website. The banner may not be placed in banner rotation). Read the TERMS OF USE before proceeding.

To place the button code on your site you will need some knowledge of html. these instructions are for use on a PC. Select the button code for the button you want to use within the text box below. Copy it to your clipboard (ctrl + C). Open the web site editing program you use and open a document in html view. Paste the code (ctrl + V) where you would like it to appear within the page. Save the page.
International Hunting Directory Member Button | JOIN NOW! Interhational Hunting Directory Member Button | JOIN NOW!
International Hunting Directory Member Button | JOIN NOW! International Hunting Directory Member Button | JOIN NOW!

  1. Fill out the membership form and submit it. Your site will automatically be listed in the directory.

  2. Send an email to notifying us that you have completed the process. Be sure to include the page URL where the IHD button or banner is located.

  3. We will NOT notify you if your site does not meet our membership requirements. You will need to refer back to the site from time to time to verify your continued inclusion.

  4. If you feel that your site has been unfairly excluded send an email to the address above with the reasons you think that it should be included and we will review it.

When selecting a category for your listing choose the most specific category possible. Categories listed with ALL CAPS are general categories and should only be use if your listing does not fit any other category. Misplaced listings may be removed at the editors discretion.




BUSINESS PHONE ( including country & area code )

SITE TITLE ( max 150 characters )

SITE CATEGORY (choose the most specific)

WEBSITE URL  ( include http:// )

SITE KEYWORDS ( max 150 characters )

WEBSITE or BUSINESS DESCRIPTION (max 500 characters )

SCREENSHOT, LOGO, or PHOTO ( URL of image location - i.e. )
BUSINESS STREET ADDRESS ( max 150 characters )

BUTTON PAGE ( URL of the page where you placed the International Hunting Directory Member Button )

International Hunting Directory | JOIN NOW !

International hunting Directory | JOIN NOW !

International Hunting Directory | JOIN NOW !

Read this entire agreement

Provided you are complying with and agree to each and every one of the following terms and conditions, the International Hunting Directory (IHD) grants you a limited, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use our logo as a link to the IHD's website.

  1. Except as otherwise authorized in writing by the International Hunting Directory  ("IHD"), you may only use the logo ("Logo") provided, which must be used along with the corresponding "IHD button code" exactly as provided, without alteration, on the membership application of the International Hunting Directory web site or any of it's affiliate web sites. By using the button code and the IHD Member Button or Logo, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
  2. The purpose of this license is to allow for the use of the IHD Logo in connection with an active link to the International Hunting Directory website which can be found online at This license allows for use of the IHD Logo on your website as a link to IHD's website, pursuant to the terms and conditions herein, and not in any other medium or manner.
  3. You agree to ensure that only accurate reproductions of the Logo are utilized and will not alter the Logo in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements, etc., nor animate, morph or otherwise distort the Logo's perspective or appearance. The Logo, along with the "IHD button code" language must appear by itself, with a minimum spacing (one half the height of the Logo or 50 pixels) between each side of the Logo and other graphic or textual elements on your website. The Logo may not be used as a feature or design element of any other logo or graphic. You also agree to state, on your website, and in conjunction with the use of this Logo, that: (a) the Logo is a registered trademark owned by the IHD; (b) the Logo is a link to the IHD 's website; and (c) the use of the Logo does not constitute an endorsement of your website and/or products or services offered on your website.
  4. For purposes of this license, the term "link" shall mean a connection between two websites. The link shall be created when the button code containing a reference to the IHD graphic representing the link (the Logo) is activated by a user, causing the user's browser to display the IHD's website. The link shall not include image incorporation, page incorporation, framing or any other reference to your website or advertisers. In other words, when the IHD link is clicked (or activated) the IHD web site may not appear within or as a part of your web site and must appear in it's own browser window.
  5. The Logo shall appear exactly as represented, without alteration, within the button code provided for use on your web site by IHD.  The title and other trademarks and logos on your website must appear at least as prominent as the IHD Logo. You agree not to display the IHD Logo in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by the IHD.
  6. The Logo may be used only on websites that make accurate reference to the International Hunting Directory and/or its products or services. The IHD Logo must be displayed in close proximity to that reference. You agree not to use the Logo on any website that disparages the International Hunting Directory or its products or services, infringes upon the IHD's intellectual property or other rights, violates any state, provincial, federal or international law, or encourages illegal or unethical hunting.
  7. The IHD is not responsible for your website nor any of the products or services advertised on your website. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the International Hunting Directory, its affiliated entities, members of its governing board, its owners, officers, employees and agents, from any and all claims, actions, suits, damages, losses, liabilities, attorneys fees, costs and expenses arising from your use of the IHD Logo on your website and from your performance, activities, or omissions under this license. The IHD disclaims any warranties that may be expressed or implied by law regarding the IHD Logo, including warranties against infringement.
  8. You shall not assign nor transfer any right or interest created by this agreement to anyone. The terms and conditions of this license do not grant you any other right in the IHD's intellectual property, other than the right to use the Logo in connection with an active link to IHD online, pursuant to the terms and conditions herein. The Logo shall remain the IHD's intellectual property, and the IHD reserves all of its rights in the IHD Logo, including, but not limited to, the right to take action against any use that does not conform to these terms and conditions, infringes upon any of the IHD's intellectual property rights or other rights, or violates other applicable law. You agree to cooperate with the IHD in protecting the Logo. You agree to immediately notify the IHD of any infringement or potential infringement of the Logo, of which you are aware. The IHD will have the sole right to take legal action relating to any infringement.
  9. This license does not create an agency or employee/employer relationship between you and the IHD. The IHD is not liable for your acts or omissions. This is not a franchise agreement and does not create a partnership or joint venture.
  10. The International Hunting Directory licenses you to use the IHD Logo, pursuant to the terms and conditions herein, for an at-will term. The IHD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or modify permission to use the Logo at any time.
  11. This license shall be governed by Texas, U.S.A. law. Venue for any action arising from this license shall be brought in state district court in Dallas County, Dallas, U.S.A.
  12. Subject to paragraph 8 above, this license shall be binding upon and shall enure to the benefit of the parties and their representatives and successors.


By placing the IHD button code on your web site you are agreeing to and will comply with all of the terms and conditions previously mentioned or any changes that may, at the discretion of the International Hunting Directory, be made in the future. All information provided through this form will be published as is and the International Hunting Directory assumes no liability for the use of the information that you provide. By providing information to the International Hunting Directory you agree to it's publication and use for any purpose whatsoever by the public, and/or the International Hunting Directory, it's owners, agents, employees, and/or representatives.